How To Make A New Tinder After Being Banned?


How do you make a new Tinder after being banned 2022?

To create your new account, you’ll either need a new Facebook account, or you’ll need to link your new account to a new phone number (addressed above) and a new email address. Using the same device is possible, although not really recommended.

How do I get around Tinder ban?

Tinder Ban/Shadowban Hard Reset Guide

  • Delete your account.
  • If on a device, uninstall the app.
  • Create a new email address.
  • Get a new number.
  • Make sure to use new photos that were NOT used on your old profile (Note: We offer a photography service that is specially designed to get you more matches on dating apps like Tinder)
  • More items…•Sep 13, 2022


    Are Tinder bans permanent?

    In addition to Tinder, as was the case with some of the people I spoke to, you might also get banned from other apps owned by Match Group, Tinder’s parent company. And the ban, by the way, is for life.Aug 23, 2022

    Does Tinder ban your IP address?

    Does Tinder ban your IP address? Tinder collects your IP address along with other device information. But Tinder is not strict with your IP address. You can easily avoid it by using a VPN or restarting your router because you probably won’t have a static IP.


    Can I be unbanned from Tinder?

    Appeal. The immediate answer for how to unban Tinder is to make a polite appeal to the Tinder support system. All you have to do is contact the service and ask for the unbanning process, which will reveal why the account is banning. Make a simple appeal to the service; that will get back your account.


    Can you make a Tinder without phone number?

    It is not possible to open a Tinder account without a phone number because it is mandatory for all users of Tinder. However, there are fake phone numbers for Tinder that can easily be used to only get the verification code for Tinder to open the account.Jul 20, 2022


    Why did Tinder ban me for no reason?

    2. You violated Tinder’s community guidelines without knowing it. When you get banned on Tinder, you don’t get a notification on the particular reason you got banned, or that your account got deleted from Tinder. Hence, you might get the thought that you got banned for no reason.


    Can you use a VPN for Tinder?

    Yes! A VPN allows you to access Tinder from anywhere in the world. If you’re traveling to a country where you think a site might be blocked, sign up to ExpressVPN before you leave to ensure you can get onto all your social media and messaging apps wherever you are.


    Does Tinder ban your device?

    Yes, Tinder does ban your device. As whenever you create an account on Tinder, it gets access to your device ID, phone number, email address, and all the other information you have shared. So, your account will be banned even if you get a new phone number but are using the same old device.Jul 11, 2022

    How do you make a new Tinder after being banned 2022 Reddit?

    In order to get make a new Tinder after being banned you have to get a new number. To verify your new Tinder account, you’ll need to supply your phone number. Of cause, you’ll need a new phone number, as using your old one isn’t an option.May 30, 2022


    Can you make two Tinder accounts?

    Parallel Space, an app available on the traditional Appstore and Google Play Store, allows you to create a second version of Tinder on your phone (or any app for that matter). What is this? Once installed on your phone, just tap the Tinder app to create a clone. You’ll even get three free days to try it out.Aug 29, 2022

    How do I reset my IP address?

    How to Change Your IP Address on Android Manually

  • Go to your Android Settings.
  • Navigate to Wireless & Networks.
  • Click on your Wi-Fi network.
  • Click Modify Network.
  • Select Advanced Options.
  • Change the IP address.
  • Aug 11, 2022


    How does Tinder know I’m banned?

    Tinder bans your account when you open it with a new number when you’re using a phone number that’s been used before. Also, Tinder can recognize your device, especially if something wrong was done on Tinder through that device.Feb 8, 2022

    What gets you banned from Tinder?

    Anyone attempting to get other users’ private information for fraudulent or illegal activity may be banned. Any user caught sharing their own financial account information (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) for the purpose of receiving money from other users may also be banned from Tinder.


    How do you get Tinder back?

    If you accidentally passed on someone you wanted to get to know, they are no longer lost in the Tindersphere™ forever. Use the Rewind feature to bring their profile back by tapping the yellow arrow icon on the main screen. Only Tinder subscribers can take back their last SWIPE of choice (Like, Nope, Super Like).

    Does Tinder use facial recognition?

    We use a combo of trusty humans and facial recognition technology to compare the facial geometry in the selfies you submit and in your profile pics. You will receive “verified” status, once your selfie photo passes both pose and face verification steps, and a checkmark will appear on your profile.


    How long is Tinder Shadowban?

    Again, it’s account deletion. This means that waiting for three months doesn’t work unless you delete your current Tinder account. In conclusion, a Tinder shadowban lasts until you completely delete your account.Jul 5, 2022


    Does PingMe work for Tinder?

    Through a service like what we offer at PingMe, it’s possible to register for a second and even a third phone number to use for Tinder registration. Doing so is fast, easy, and inexpensive, making your foray into Tinder a pleasant one.


    How do I get past Tinder phone verification?

    How To Bypass Tinder SMS Verification. The most direct way is to use a virtual number. You can get a free SMS service online using virtual numbers. We suggest avoiding these public phone services, google voice, and burner numbers as they are being used many times for verification which can get you shadowbanned again.


    Does Tinder show your phone number?

    Tinder does not reveal your phone number even if you choose to sign up for an account using your phone number. But your phone number can still be exposed if: you share it with someone as a Tinder message. you choose to openly display it on your bio.Jun 17, 2020


    Why am I getting banned on dating apps?

    Online dating sites and apps also go into detail about what they won’t allow, for example, nudity/sexual content, harassment, threats of violence, hate speech, spam, promotion, solicitation, prostitution, scamming or impersonation.

    Does Fake GPS work on Tinder?

    On the Google Play Store, one can access plenty of applications to fake GPS on tinder. You can download one of them to strive for fake GPS location tinder. In the device “Settings” too, there is an option of “Mock location” you have to enable. For this, open “Settings” and tap on the “About Phone” option.


    Which VPN works best for Tinder?

    ExpressVPN: With speed-optimized servers in over 160 locations, ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN on the market. Easy-to-use iOS and Android apps make this a popular choice. CyberGhost: Free trials for iOS and Android users, along with easy installation across multiple devices, make Cyberghost ideal for Tinder.

    Does Tinder track your location?

    Tinder updates your location automatically as long as the app is running. That isn’t limited to you using the app though – if Tinder is running in the background it will update your location regularly.Mar 15, 2022


    Can I create a new Tinder account with the same number?

    Starting a new tinder account on the same phone can be done by simply logging out of your current Facebook profile, creating a new one and then using the new account to open a new Tinder Account.Feb 4, 2020

    Can I use a burner phone for Tinder?

    You can get a Burner number for Tinder (or whichever dating app you’re using). And, if things go well, you can keep the Burner number as a great way to interact with semi-strangers and others in your personal and professional life who don’t need access to your real phone number.


    How do I make a new Tinder after Shadow ban?

    Reset your tinder account in 10 min now

  • Step 1: Delete your previous account. Go to settings. …
  • Step 2: Uninstall Tinder from your device. …
  • Step 3: Clean your Phone data. …
  • Step 4: Get a new SIM card. …
  • Step 5: Restart your WiFi router. …
  • Step 6: Create a new Apple / Google account. …
  • Step 7: Reinstall Tinder. …
  • Step 8: Create a new account.
  • How do you make a Tinder without a phone number?

    It is not possible to open a Tinder account without a phone number because it is mandatory for all users of Tinder.Jul 20, 2022


    Does Tinder do device bans?

    Yes, Tinder does ban your phone number and device. Even if that number is a new number, Tinder can still ban it along with your other information. Tinder tells us that “If you’ve been banned, you won’t be able to sign up for Tinder again using your Facebook account and/or phone number.”Feb 8, 2022

    How do I create a new Tinder account? (Tinder for Web)

  • Visit
  • Tap Create Account.
  • Select a sign-in method.
  • If prompted, verify your phone number and/or email address.
  • Set up your profile.
  • Allow Tinder access to all required permissions.
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